Money Scams that Work

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Because so many people are prone to jump at the idea of a home business there has become trend amongst online scams. In many cases, the scammers will send out mass emails to people that they found through various spyware programs, phishing schemes on legitimate sits and various other email lists. These emails sound like they could be the answers to all of your problems and many people are sucked into the pitch that is thrown at them because they have become desperate to make money.

After reading these emails you will be asked to follow a link to a website. Once there you will be prompted to watch videos or read through long pages, at the end of which you will be asked for your credit card information in return for products or supplies or to have an expert call you. Once done, you may or may not get the product promised and the communication will likely cease. These scams have become effective because of people’s desperation to work and put food on the table. In most cases, this desperation can simply overpower common sense and what would have looked like a blatant scam not long ago, will look like a great opportunity to someone now in dire straits.

Another common scam is for people to send emails from various countries, generally European and African, to get you to cash a check for them. This check is supposed to be payment for services of yours and send the balance to someone else or back to them. This particular ploy comes in many forms, including what appear to be legitimate jobs. Be wary of anyone who asks you to transfer money to someone else and keep the difference, once you cash the check, you’ve committed felony fraud.

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