Surveys for Money Scams

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Surveys for money are very popular on the Internet these days. These surveys promise you financial rewards in exchange for a few minutes of your time while you complete an online survey. But it’s important to know that while there are many legitimate paid online surveys, there are also countless survey scams. These scams only want you to fill out a survey or worse, they want access to your personal information. So before you start filling out survey after survey, here’s how you can tell the difference.

Survey Scams Will Promise You a Great Income

One of the best ways to tell that a survey for money is a scam is that they will promise you can make hundreds or thousands of dollars in a very short time. Legitimate online surveys are a great way to make pocket change but truthfully, that’s probably all it will ever be. Legitimate surveys usually pay $1 – $3 per survey filled out, and they’ll probably only send you one or two surveys a week. Any site that is promising you more than this is most likely a scam.

Survey Scams Will Want Your Personal Information

The only personal information a legitimate survey site will ever ask you for is your personal opinion, and perhaps your street address or PayPal address so they can make payments to you. But if a company ever asks you for your banking information or your credit card information, you can be sure it’s a scam, and one of the worst kinds! These sites only want access to your financial information so they can empty your accounts. These sites are actually looking to take your money, not to give you more.

Do Your Research

To tell the difference between survey scams and legitimate survey sites, you’ll definitely want to do your research. Research the company by Googling them, or go onto forums and see what people are saying. There are many forums set up for just this purpose and users will relate their experiences here and you can find out if it’s a company you want to work with, or stay away from!

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